TLWP Drilling Package Supervisor

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TLWP Drilling Package Supervisor
TXLocal/ExpatEngineering/FacilitiesRef.: MO-056409
The Houston office is currently seeking a TLWP Drilling Package Supervisor to join the Facilities department on Chissonga's development team
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The TLWP Drilling Package Supervisor will manage the oversight of the EPCI Contractor in the engineering, manufacturing, installation, testing and commissioning of the drilling package. For all electrical & instrumentation matters this position will corporate closely with the TLWP Site E&I Supervisor.
The TLWP Drilling Package Supervisor will complete the handover of the drilling package offshore Angola and continue to support MO Drilling Operations and the O&M Drilling Contractor to ensure a smooth start up of drilling operations in a limited period after handover.
This position will report to the TLWP Construction Manager until mechanical completion on site, where after the position will report to the TLWP Commissioning Manager.
The TLWP contract is a complete lump sum turnkey contract from detailed engineering to final handover and ready to drill offshore Angola.
The position will be placed in Houston during detailed engineering (duration approx. 6 months after award of TLWP contract) and then relocate to Korea. The position shall expect periods of intense travel activity, in particular during manufacturing and FAT’s of the drilling package components. The position shall expect offshore work in Angola during hook up and handover of the TLWP.
Key Responsibilities
•To create a behaviour based safety culture within own team and Contractor’s and key vendors corresponding team, actively promoting and be a role model for safe execution of the project work.
•Coorporate closely with the Site E&I Supervisor in all E&I matters for the drilling package. Familiarize with the job description for the E&I Supervisor.
•To assist the Contractor’s drilling package team and carry out oversight of same to ensure progress according to the project schedule.
•To ensure the drilling package is manufactured, installed, tested and commissioned in accordance with the contract.
•To ensure that activities, systems and equipment are documented in accordance with the contract.
•Support the Construction Manager with input for project budget and schedule updates.
•Responsible for monitoring and reporting regularly on the progress for the drilling package and to take necessary actions to ensure timely completion of key milestones.
•Be accountable for own team members and vendors/service people working for team.
•Ensure that all Contractor’s deliverables are made timely and received, filed and distributed.
•Liaise and coordinate with QA/QC Site Coordinator for oversight of QA/QC on sites and at equipment vendors. The drilling package will likely be manufactured in multiple global locations. This position and team, in coordination with the QA/QC Site Coordinator, is responsible for attending progress inspections, FAT’s and similar visits to the various manufacturing locations and upon delivery at site.
•Within the drilling package, ensure that all apparent or proposed deviations from the EPCI Contract, agreed formal correspondence or approved standards and industry practice are reported to the TLWP Construction Manager and Site Manager. Be prepared to propose mitigation.
•Assist with input and knowledge to the Commissioning Manager during planning of commissioning.
•Ensure documented closure of punch items for the drilling package before sail away.
•Perform any other duties as directed by the TLWP Construction Manager.
•The Drilling Package Supervisor has the authority to delegate tasks within own team. Shared resources shall be regularly coordinated and mutually agreed with other site team leads.
•Fully respect local cultures and ensure that all Team members do the same.
Direct Reports: 7 at site

Who we are looking for
•Extensive experience with planning, preparing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning of fully automated multi machine controlled drilling packages.
•Minimum 10 years of relevant experience
•High awareness and knowledge of safe working practices and critical safety systems.
•Team leadership skills.
•Ability to work with many different disciplines and cultures at all levels.
•Good communication and interpersonal skills.
•Proactively seeking advice from others and share own experiences with team.
•Represent the company and be a role model for the company values.
•Knowledge and skills within shipyard working methods, mechanical and hydraulic equipment, advanced rig package design, rig equipment maintenance and maintenance processes. Skilled and experienced with the testing and commissioning of advanced drilling packages.
•Experience working under EPCI lump sum contracts.
•Self-motivated and focused on results with the ability to see and communicate solutions.
•Structured and well organized with the ability to maintain overview and prioritize tasks within team.
>Last application date: 23 September 2015.
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