Offshore Electrical Authority

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Offshore Electrical Authority
DohaLocal/InternationalOil Operations/ProductionRef.: MO-087102
Maersk Oil Qatar is currently developing and expanding the facilities in the Al Shaheen Field offshore Qatar.
We Offer
Maersk Oil Qatar A/S offers a wide range of education and career opportunities for employees possessing necessary skills and competencies.
Key Responsibilities
• Promote an incident free environment through establishing and maintaining a strong safety culture
• Act as offshore Senior Electrical Authority
• Be Responsible to the OIM for all matters of Electrical Safety on the installation.
• Fully conversant with Electrical Safety rules and Isolation procedures
• Responsible for control of all work on electrical equipment carried out by competent and authorised electrical persons.
• Control and operation of main and emergency power generation, electrical operation, switching, Planned Maintenance, fault diagnosis and corrective maintenance and installation of electrical equipment
• Development and authorisation of reporting Electrical Staff
• Writing and approving safe written systems of work for all electrical switching and isolation.
• Contribute to the development and execution of safe work processes, operating procedures and guidelines to ensure process safety, operational safety and plant integrity
• Organize and supervise the activities and work of junior staff to ensure compliance to relevant health, safety (occupational & process) and environmental excellence procedures and controls within area of responsibility to guarantee employee safety, legislative compliance and a responsible environmental attitude
• Participate as part of the Platform Emergency Response Contingency Plan as per duty roster
• Collate and provide daily reports to Supervisor on health, safety and environmental issues related to area of work; take corrective or mitigating action wherever necessary.
• Liaise with I & R Supervisor and Scheduler in prioritizing and scheduling maintenance activities ensuring the required level of equipment integrity, reliability and safety.
• Ensure maintenance management standards and processes are followed to ensure thorough planning and preparation of Electrical Corrective and Preventive work flows.
• Assist in identifying opportunities and initiatives that enables maximum production output within the parameters of environmental compliance and process safety
• Provide I & R Supervisor with regular reports on performance and results, and to be held accountable for area of responsibility
• Collaboration with the onshore electrical department in Planned Maintenance Optimization (PMO) meeting activities on electrical systems on the platforms within his area.
• Ensure electrical maintenance activities on the offshore facilities within his area fully comply with procedures including permit to work
• Ensure corrective jobs are initiated when defects have been identified
• Co-ordinate with production personnel for start-up and shut down of electrical equipment
• Supervise activities of electrical vendors offshore
• Develop the technical crew with special focus on process safety, optimization and maintaining good onshore practices and knowledge to company procedures and guidelines
• Guide and support junior staff in the execution of their day-to-day responsibilities and help create a learning environment
• Uphold and role-model MOQ's core values and leadership behaviors
• Actively promote and participate in daily collaboration, communication and coordination between offshore and onshore.
Who we are looking for
• Conversant with Electrical Safety Regulations
• Thorough knowledge in installation, operation and maintenance of Offshore Electrical equipment
• Detailed knowledge of HV/LV Equipment and distribution systems
• Experience in maintaining and inspecting Ex Equipment; preferably CompEx Certified
• Demonstrable fault finding capability for electrical systems and equipment
• Detailed knowledge of UPS & Battery Charger systems
• Experience in working with general electrical control systems, including AVRs, UPS, PLC, HV and LV motors and relevant control/ protection systems
• Relevant Electrical Qualification and Experience
• Minimum 6 years of experience preferably in the oil / gas exploration, petrochemical or refining or oil / gas exploration preferably with at least 2 years as Electrical Offshore Authority/REP
• Strong electrical maintenance experience in an upstream oil and gas installation operating high voltage power generation and distribution system
>Last application date: 17 January 2016.
Maersk Oil Qatar AS is the leading oil producer offshore Qatar and a recognized pioneer in oil development and production techniques. On the basis of an Exploration and Production Sharing Agreement (EPSA) signed in 1992 with Qatar Petroleum, Maersk Oil Qatar (MOQ) is the sole operator of Al Shaheen field.

The current oil production from the Al Shaheen field is approximately 300,000 barrels per day from nine different locations and is exported via two main offshore facilities.
 Maersk Oil is an international oil and gas company with a 2016 entitlement production of 313,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day. Our production comes from Denmark, the UK, Norway, Algeria, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Kazakhstan, and the US Gulf of Mexico. Exploration or development activities are on-going in Angola, Kenya, Brazil and in the producing countries. Turning complex and challenging fields into commercial successes has been the cornerstone of Maersk Oil business since 1962. Maersk Oil focuses on pioneering technologies and harnessing talent to continue to operate safely and successfully, creating value for partners and host governments. For more information about Maersk Oil, please visit the website at