Senior Contracts Engineer – Drilling & Well Services

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Senior Contracts Engineer – Drilling & Well Services
DohaLocal/ExpatProcurementRef.: MO-073278
The purpose of the role is sourcing and commitment of contracts between US$10 to 50million to support Technical Functions (such as Drilling & Well Services) encompassing timely delivery, best possible value creation and risk mitigation via a consistent and auditable process conducted in a proactive collaborative manner.

Formulate and execute contracting strategies employing remuneration schemes such as Lump Sum, Schedule of Rates, Cost Plus and reimbursable.

Prepare and finalize the Tender Package (ITT), including scope of work, pricing schedule, bid list, technical questioner and the contract draft.

Recommend appropriate amendments to other sections of Tender Package (ITT), to ensure consistency of requirements from Technical, Legal, Financial and HSSEQ viewpoint.

Put together comprehensive packages for MOQ Tender Committee endorsements or approvals in accordance with the check list.

Lead Clarification Meetings and Final Negotiation Meetings with Contractors.

Conduct Commercial Evaluation exercise.

Maintain live Procurement Plan, which includes all existing contracts, up-to-date spend information, extensions or re-tender due dates, etc.

Provide coaching and guidance to junior team members & internal customers on all matters relating to contracting strategy, sourcing, tender evaluation, award recommendation, negotiation, commitment, contractor management and close out.

Conduct market intelligence, market survey and due diligence exercises.

Ensure that the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is achieved through the procurement process and throughout the whole lifecycle of the goods/services procured.

Facilitate collaboration with MOQ, MOG Corporate Procurement and peers in the development and implementation of contracting strategies and award recommendations.

Implements best practice Supplier Relationship Management within the Procurement D&WS team in order to maximise value capture.

Manage change orders, contract amendments, contractual disputes, claims and settlements from a commercial perspective.
We Offer
Maersk Oil Qatar A/S offers a wide range of education and career opportunities for employees possessing necessary skills and competencies.
Key Responsibilities
•Apply and advance the principles of procurement governance as defined by MOG’s Project Maturation Process (PMP), New Procurement Standard (Q1 2014), QP Tender Procedures and best practice ensuring compliance with the EPSA
•Demonstrate accountability thereby facilitating effective cross-functional interaction and improved outcomes for MOQ
•Manage pre-qualification process
•Manage development of all Invitation to Tender documentation
•Co-ordinate technical tender evaluation
•Conduct commercial tender evaluation
•Develop and advise Procurement D&WS team of negotiation strategies
•Conduct negotiations
•Represent Procurement D&WS team at QP Tender Committee meetings
•Develop recommendations to award
•Conduct award and kick-off meetings with Contractors
•Implement contractor performance management guidelines in conjunction with the Procurement D&WS team
•Establish KPIs for contracts and monitor Contractor’s performance
•Develop local suppliers through contractual relationship
•Supervise procurement services provided by contactors
•Formulate contract strategies designed to deliver entire contract lifecycle for MOQ requirements
•Risk assessment and mitigation in collaboration with Procurement D&WS team
•Drafting of commercial contractual documents
•Review technical, legal, HSSEQ, financial and commercial contractual documents to ensure concurrence and alignment with contract objectives in collaboration with respective functional leaders

Who we are looking for
Candidate with
•Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in engineering, law, or business.

The canidate should
•Demonstrate strategic awareness and understanding of the technical and commercial nature of multiple procurement categories and the drivers of these market segments
•Be proficient in contract drafting
•Have the ability to interpret technical scopes of work and drawings, specifications, etc
•Have advanced planning and scheduling skills
•Have excellent knowledge of procurement systems (ARIBA & SAP)
•Have accomplished in due diligence procedures
•Have knowledge of PSAs and the bearing on contracting
•Be able to communicate and articulate complex issues
•Have the capacity to influence stakeholders and peers
•Be able to handle on the spot commercial questions with clarity and diplomacy
•Have the ability to make immediate prognosis in cases of complex matters and seek endorsement from seniors when required
•Demonstrate ability to constructively challenge status quo and existing protocols
•Be able to initiate cross-functional and cross-organisational collaboration in own area of influence
•Be able to Initiate involvement from others with focus on individual strengths to achieve goals
•Have excellent analytical and problem solving skills
•Have the ability to organize and motivate people to achieve a common goal
•Be able to disseminate knowledge and expertise effectively
>Last application date: 03 March 2015.
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