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Modelling Team Lead
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Pick a point on a globe, and Maersk won’t be far away. With 90% of global trade carried by sea, there is a fairly high chance that the shoes on your feet or the phone in your pocket travelled to you on a Maersk vessel. Would you like to impact the daily lives of people in every corner of the world? Then keep reading.

Job Purpose:

Enterprise Architecture (EA) Governance & Modelling (G&M) delivers a series of services to Maersk and internally to EA. G&M has two main responsibilities:

1. The management & support of the Architecture Governance capability within Maersk;
2. The development, management and curation of an underlying modelling repository that captures, curates and publishes the logical Maersk business and technology landscape.

This job definition is for the Team Leader of the second of these core responsibilities, Modelling, reporting to the Head of Governance & Modelling in EA but expecting to act with a high degree of autonomy over time.

The Modelling Team Leader is expected to manage all aspects of the modelling team’s work, as well as look to defining its future direction. Established as a service to the rest of Maersk, Modelling is built on three pillars:
1. Capture – the process of bringing materials into the modelling environment, either through imports or modelling in the modelling tool – and ensuring that the resultant models meet the requisite quality requirements of the team and the supplier.
2. Curation – the definition, development and delivery of the structures used in the modelling tool and repository to provide the right foundations for capture, analysis and publication.
3. Publish – the delivery of quality data for all stakeholders through a variety of channels based on the data in the repository and any other relevant data. While the use of the core tool and its web-based publication capability are at the heart, there are always occasions where other channels of delivery will be required.

The use of the modelling tool is a fundamental part of capturing the conceptual and logical outline of the Maersk landscape. As such, the tool and the information in its repository is used across Maersk. Managing the expectations of such a diverse strakeholder set and ensuring that they are getting from the modelling environment what they need is crucial to the on-going success of the Modelling work.
We Offer
Joining Maersk T&L will embark you on a great journey with career development in a global organisation. As a Modelling Team Lead, you will gain broad business knowledge of the company’s activities globally, as well as understand how the complexity of IT supports the transport and logistics business.

You will be exposed to a wide and challenging range of business issues through regular engagement with key stakeholders across all management levels within Maersk.

You will work and communicate across geographical and cultural borders that will enable you to build a strong professional network. We believe people thrive when they are in charge of their career paths and professional growth. We will provide you with opportunities to broaden your knowledge and strengthen your technical and professional foundation.
Key Responsibilities
• Lead – intellectually & pragmatically – the development and improvement of the modelling ecosystem, tools, methods and people, working with colleagues to agree the scope of change and the way such change could be delivered. [Team Leadership]
• Ensuring the modelling ecosystem and toosl are available within the agreed boundaries, currently defined as 99.5% available, excluding any scheduled or notified downtime. [Service Management]
• To take responsibility for the capture, analysis and, where required, delivery of any extensions and enhancements required by the Modelling stakeholders and community. [Tool Management]
• Ensuring that the ecosystem and tool components are kept up to date with the latest manufacturer’s releases, having first tested said releases to ensure that no bugs are issues are delivered into the Maersk ecosystem. The tests will include new function and bug fix tests, as well as integrating testing with the Maersk-specific enhancements. [Tool & Service Management]
• Maintain an audit trail of the changes – proposed, agreed, rejected and parked – so that all changes can be tracked. [Tool & Service Management]
• Coordinate the definintion and delivery the necessary training and support materials for the modelling capability.
• Work with and support the modelling communities in all their endeavours, contributing to the successful uptake and management of the tooling services.
• Act as a thought leader within G&M and EA as to the most effective way to deliver modelling.
• Act as the DR/BCP Manager for Modelling software in the event of a major incident

Primary Internal Stakeholders:

•Head of Governance & Modelling
•Head of EA
•EA “Heads of…”
•G&M, EA and Maersk Governance bodies

Primary External Stakeholders:

•General Modelling Community & Stakeholders
•Delivery-related Managers and Leads (as required)
•External Project Leads as appropriate
•External SMEs as appropriate
•Tool Supplier

Who we are looking for
• Extensive experience in modelling solutions using graphical modelling languages in a premier graphical modelling tool.
• Breadth of knowledge in the key EA disciplines – e.g. Business, Information, Integration, Application, Technology & Security.
• Team leadership and management skills and experience
• Excellent communication skills to technology and business stakeholders

Key Measures:

1. Meets all the operational targets defined for the function, backed-off against the SLA with our suppliers.
2. Plans for CSI & I (Continuous Service Improvement & Innovation) for the function
3. Based on 2, the realisation of said Improvements & Innovation.
4. Regular reports to the Head of G&M capturing the status, progress and issues relating to the function

>Last application date: 30 November 2019.
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