MITAS Reservoir Engineering.

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MITAS Reservoir Engineering.
DohaGraduateReservoir/Petroleum EngineeringRef.: MO-058102
Are you about to graduate or have you recently graduated as a petroleum, reservoir, production, or drilling Engineer? Do you see a great career path in oil & gas? Are you internationally minded? Excellent opportunity for technically focused and ambitious engineers to join Maersk Oil’s 2 year international graduate entry programme MITAS: Maersk Oil's International Technology & Science Programme, with a home base in Doha, Qatar.
We Offer
We will challenge you! Through a two-year intensive training and working period you will acquire hands-on technical experience in the oil and gas industry. During the MITAS programme you will undertake three job rotations of eight months, in three different departments, in at least two of our international locations. You will be mentored and supervised by Senior Engineers and in-house experts. Each position will develop & challenge you and our international activities will provide excellent opportunities for working with colleagues from all over the world.

The programme combines on the job training with technical courses and business skills development, all within the MITAS framework. Together with newly graduated engineers and geoscientists from other international Maersk business units you will participate in different courses such as:
• Innovation and Change Management
• Project Management
• Presentation Skills
• Negotiation Skills
• Financial and Commercial Understanding
• Multicultural Understanding
You will be working in a dynamic as well as personally and professionally challenging environment, while being exposed to a broad field of assignments and projects in the oil and gas industry.

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Key Responsibilities
After completing the MITAS programme, you will return to your home base (the business unit you were hired) where a job will be waiting for you to continue your career within the Subsurface Department. You will be assigned to one of the subsurface teams working on the Al Shaheen team where you will apply your production and reservoir engineering skills.
Who we are looking for
You are about to graduate or have recently graduated with a (Bachelor, Master, Ph.D.) within petroleum, reservoir, production, or drilling Engineering.

You can demonstrate the following attributes:

• Strong technical focus and drive.
• Appreciate working independently in cross disciplinary and international teams.
• Highly motivated, enthusiastic & hard working.
• Willingness to learn, listen and ask questions.
• Excellent communication skills in English, both orally and in writing.
• Internationally minded.
• Willingness to adapt to different & challenging environments.
• Humble enough to appreciate that there is a lot to learn at the start of your career.
You can also demonstrate a strong desire to work in the Oil & Gas industry and have solid reasons for choosing Doha as a home base. Previous education or experience within drilling/petroleum engineering is not a requirement.

Start date: September 2015.

>Last application date: 24 December 2014.
Maersk Oil Qatar AS is the leading oil producer offshore Qatar and a recognized pioneer in oil development and production techniques. On the basis of an Exploration and Production Sharing Agreement (EPSA) signed in 1992 with Qatar Petroleum, Maersk Oil Qatar (MOQ) is the sole operator of Al Shaheen field.
The current oil production from the Al Shaheen field is approximately 300,000 barrels per day from nine different locations and is exported via two main offshore facilities.
 Maersk Oil is an international oil and gas company with a 2016 entitlement production of 313,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day. Our production comes from Denmark, the UK, Norway, Algeria, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Kazakhstan, and the US Gulf of Mexico. Exploration or development activities are on-going in Angola, Kenya, Brazil and in the producing countries. Turning complex and challenging fields into commercial successes has been the cornerstone of Maersk Oil business since 1962. Maersk Oil focuses on pioneering technologies and harnessing talent to continue to operate safely and successfully, creating value for partners and host governments. For more information about Maersk Oil, please visit the website at