Digital Core Theme Lead

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Digital Core Theme Lead
DohaLocalReservoir/Petroleum EngineeringRef.: MO-105215
The role of the Digital Core Theme Lead is to drive the digital core theme by developing laboratory capabilities and delivering innovative state of the art capabilities linking digital rock physics and fluid flow behavior. The digital core theme lead will have overall responsibility for laboratory safety and for driving a safety culture within the lab. In addition the digital core theme lead will manage the digital core research and development programs in MO-RTC as well as universities, research institutes and or operating companies.
We Offer
Maersk Oil Qatar A/S offers a wide range of education and career opportunities for employees possessing necessary skills and competencies.

We offer competitive salary with family status and relocation to Doha if required.
Key Responsibilities
Drive safety within the Digital Core Laboratory
• Drive the digital core theme by delivering laboratory capabilities linking digital rock physics to fluid flow behaviours
• Apply project management skills to initiate, execute and manage research programs at universities, other research institutions and/or operating companies.
• Drive laboratory efficiency by optimizing productive time of equipment related to research themes and services.
• Ensure laboratory equipment and supplies are managed in the most cost effective manner.
• Ensure all rock samples are managed in an auditable and transparent manner and returned to business units or partners as applicable.
• Lead team projects with external partners, conducting applied research as well as development services in the area of digital core.
• Deliver experimental studies to provide new and novel solutions to problems pertaining to the MOG operations.
• Apply research from university partners
• Propose field trials based on research results
• Produce abstracts, conference papers and reports documenting the study and promoting the MO-RTC profile
• Represent MO-RTC externally at conferences at workshops
• Initiate inventions and patent writings
• Initiate laboratory and pilot scale testing of technology concepts.
• Lead a team of 2-3 staff (direct reports)
• Guide and support to staff in the execution of their day-to-day responsibilities and help create an innovative learning environment.
• Support Qatarization strategy and MITAS program.
• Uphold and role-model MO-RTC's values and leadership behaviours.
• Provide support as necessary to Qatari employees to assist them in achieving recognized qualifications.
• Supervise direct reports and internships.
Who we are looking for
• Phd or higher in geoscience, engineering or physics
• 15+ years of experience in the Oil industry or Academic field.
• Experience with carbonate reservoirs
• International research leadership experience
• Analytical work experience with core data
• Experience with core labs and offshore environments
• Strong technical foundation in Geology, Petrophysics, Petroleum Engineering, Chemistry Physics or other relevant science background.
• Documented publication record with more than five papers in the peer-reviewed literature.
• A recognized authority in their field of research
• Pioneering mindset
• Firm commitment to fostering and developing and incident free mindset.
• Experience with use of /operation of hazardous chemicals, X-ray and high-tension instrumentation
• Experience of working in a multi-cultural environment.
• Fluent in written and spoken English.
• Strong Analytical skills
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills
• Strong data discipline
• Team player

>Last application date: 31 May 2016.
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