Senior Piping Engineer - TA3

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Senior Piping Engineer - TA3
DohaLocal/InternationalEngineering/FacilitiesRef.: MO-082546
Main purpose and focus is to ensure that the company standards and procedures are followed and to monitor and approve the technical content of controlled documents. The position is Technical Authority Level 3 (TA3)
We Offer
Maersk Oil Qatar A/S offers a wide range of education and career opportunities for employees possessing necessary skills and competencies.
Key Responsibilities
•Contribute to driving an incident free environment through establishing and maintaining a strong safety culture.
•Contribute to the development and execution of safe work processes, operating procedures and guidelines to ensure process safety, operational safety and plant integrity.
•With strong focus on safety and operability, participate in the activities of the Piping Team in the Facilities & Project department and be responsible for providing Piping Technical Authority Support to key stakeholders from the Asset Engineering team, Asset Integrity & Reliability team and Field Development teams.
-Provide timely piping engineering support and troubleshooting assistance to other MOQ department.
-Technical assurance of brownfield designs
-Timely response to Fitness for Service requests form the Asset in accordance with urgency category
-Review and assurance of Greenfield specifications and design.
-Monitor quality of contractors piping design. Specifically review piping and equipment layouts (model reviews) and pipe stress and flexibility analyses.
-Monitor interface design between new and existing facilities.
-Participate in near miss investigations.
-Follow industry technical developments and innovate to further enhance piping facility performance and safety
-Participate in the maintenance and update of Company technical standards
-Develop and maintain procedures and guidelines to ensure safe and consistent piping design in compliance with internal guideline, current international standards and industry practices.
-Review piping related offshore as built documentation and prove “lessons learned” feed back to the design contractor

Who we are looking for
Candidate with
•University degree in mechanical engineering
•Minimum 10 years if experience in the Oil and gas upstream processing facilities. Minimum 5 years of offshore related experience.

The Senior Piping Engineer should also be skilled in these areas

•Preparation and approval of project piping specifications. Identify and resolving piping issues, recognize abnormal situations, organize others in establishing design and component selection criteria based on process.
•Application of pressure, temperature and weight factors to piping systems and analyse piping systems to provide solutions to diverse piping design issue.
•Valve selections, analyse materials, trim options and operators, devise solutions to diverse actuator and valve applications based on process, costs, environment & integrity issues.
•Piping component selection work, appraise piping systems and their application to abnormal situations, devise solutions to diverse design, material, environment, cost and integrity issues.
•Use of code and standard references, appraise piping codes and standards and their applications to the oil and gas industry and guide others in the application of codes to piping systems.
•Approve, guide others in the use of piping classes, services and service conditions, and their application to company projects and appraise abnormal piping, classes and services condition applications. This includes the use of MOTS-02 piping classes.
•Piping stress analysis, analyse normal piping system, single and multiphase calculations and solve advanced stress analysis problems using advanced applications.
•Define project principles related to piping arrangement and assure piping layout and equipment arrangement work of others
•Assure pipe supports philosophies and standards
•Understand applicable industry safety and integrity codes, approve and confirm design audits, company operational, safety and reliability practices
>Last application date: 08 September 2015.
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