PRNC-Nanjing Premier sales

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PRNC-Nanjing Premier sales
NanjingLocalCommercial/Sales/Business DevelopmentRef.: DC-147900
• To Develop and generate long-term profitable relationship with Damco accounts.
• Promote and Market Damco brand at local area.
We Offer
• Pipeline management
• Project management
• People management
• Product ,industry knowledge extension
Key Responsibilities
• Develop direct customers business.
o Deliver and where possible exceed targets as set out in your KPI
o Identify the potential business and right customers.
o Draft the sales call plan according instruction from sales chief.
o Make sales call to direct customers according sales call plan.
o Find and design solution for customers to catch new business.
o Deliver market promotion plan for locally.
o Deliver the sales call volume and quality based on requirement.
o Maintain relationships with customers and secure their business stable with Damco.
o Ensure that the CRM are being updated at all times
• Promote and Market the Damco Brand.
o Sells and market Damco and not for individual or named carriers.
o Optimally prepare for sales calls, this include pre-empt account’s needs not limited to pricing but include a sales presentations on Damco capabilities, service scope.
o Establish a country to county dialogue with our overseas counterpart to maximize opportunities available on a given account.
• Monitor and be aware of market trends.
o Ensure that market trends are report to management swiftly order to allow managements to react quickly to the market place order maintain our position.
o Ensure that sales reports must be presented to the direct sales head.
o Approach some competitors with limited cooperation to know about the local market trend.
o Collect feedback from direct customers and combined them to be market report for reference.
• General
o Always comply with the company’s policies/guidelines at all times
o Always strive towards productivity improvements, rationalization, innovation and team spirit. Likewise provide defect-free service meeting our customers, and internal requirements the first time, every time.
o Conduct your work in a constructive and positive manner at all times, live, communicates, inspire and promote the Core Culture and behaviors.

Measurement / success criteria of the position:

• Measured on product controlled volume and CM1 ratio according to budget assigned.
• The measurable results/performance as outlined in sales “scorecard”.
Who we are looking for
• Adequate experiences and knowledge on NVOCC market.
• Global view and sense.
• Strong execution spirit.
• Strong communication skills.
• Strong presentation skills.
• Passion for excellence.
• Self motivation
>Last application date: 31 October 2017.
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