Trade and Marketing Specialist

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Trade and Marketing Specialist
Shah AlamLocal/InternationalTrade and MarketingRef.: ML-086958
To manage marketing activities of MCC, both COC and SOC business in Malaysia for Intra-Asia trade lanes

To drive overall focus on vessel utilization, capacity management for MCC, local Minimum Rates Guideline (MRG), local export and import detention and demurrage management and all marketing related reporting

To formulate strategies and promote e-channel of MCC, initiate PEX project to improve local processes to achieve best Customer Experience
We Offer
Learn and understand Marketing Expect in shipping industry, overall cost and selling structure, short term tactics and long term strategies

Understand the subtle nuances of being a feeder operator (SOC) and also a Liner (COC) and adjust sales pitch accordingly

Developing competencies in negotiation and selling techniques

Developing competencies in critical problem solving

Opportunity for out door sales and honing interpersonal skills

Develop reporting – writing and analytical skills which will be achieve through various studies and report preparation.
Key Responsibilities
Vessel Utilization:

• Manage and ensured excellent vessel utilization for MCC services and Maersk Line service that serve Intra-Asia trade
• Constant communicate with Sales and CS to alert and notify utilization level to ensured KPIs achieved
• Monitor and communicate with HQ to ensured KPIs are truly reflect as per actual result

Capacity Management:

• Ensured minimum rolling with proper space management
• Filling allocation on those open legs’ corridor
• Coordinate with HQ to ensured sufficient allocation given to fulfill KPIs
• Alert Sales and CS on space situation on daily basis

Minimum Rate Guideline:

• Get rates ideas from market and formulate quarterly MRG with HQ to ensured MAL MCC MRG are as par as general market selling rate
• Identify good POSCOMP corridor and formulate strategy to promote
• Constantly feedback to HQ if found rates are not competitive from time to time
• Identify opportunity to increase revenue from time to time

Export, Import’s Demurrage and Detention:

• To manage import free time and minimize out of pocket cost by limiting extra free time and or only give it consignee when really in-need
• To manage export detention offer based on current market situation

Market Intelligence:

• Gathered general IAS market information thru sales, IADA Meeting and other sort of legal channel.
• Analyze, provide idea and feedback to principal for action plan/ country development

Business Development:

• Identify new business/corridors and propose action plan to principal in-order to meet targets and increase market share

Equipment status update:

• Provide accurate equipment requirement update weekly to various operation teams to ensure sufficient empty repositioning done to required load ports. Initiate communication and alert to operation team in event where surge/downfall expected.
• Constant communication with HQ and local Operation team upon equipment shortage to ensured MAL MCC get fair distribution

Transit time and Network:

• Constantly explore possibility of shorter transit time thru MCC network, Maersk Line services and CCA for best product routing with minimum cost


• Seeking improvement and possibly new idea to enhance
• Formulate plan and strategies to promote switch over for booking and S.I. summation thru instead of manual or INTTRA

PEX Project:

• Formulate PEX project to seek for continues improvement for MAL MCC’s processes


• Ensured timely summation on all the required reporting, it includes Weekly Individual Sales Performance, Weekly Country Performance Report, Monthly Country Performance Review and etc
>Last application date: 21 October 2015.
MCC Transport is the regional shipping specialist in the world's most dynamic and fastest growing market: Intra-Asia. Part of the Maersk Group and headquartered in Singapore, we have over 600 employees in 14 countries, from East Russia, to Bangladesh and operate a fleet of over 80 ships. Having served as the Intra-Asia Partner for over 20 years, MCC continues to link its customers to opportunities across Asia. We have an entrepreneurial spirit and a fast paced work environment with a strong, collaborative culture where employees are empowered and expected to take ownership and accountability for their performance. We subscribe to the Maersk Group philosophy and core values which have been in place over the last 100 years, and have a strong employee value proposition, with career development and opportunities available globally.