Senior Operations Drilling Engineer

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Senior Operations Drilling Engineer
DohaLocal/InternationalDrilling Operations OnshoreRef.: MO-043877
The development of the Offshore Al Shaheen Field for Maersk Oil Qatar is most challenging with regards to well planning, well design and well programming. The purpose of the job of the Senior Operations Drilling Engineer is to plan, design, monitor and report on the construction of the wells from the early conceptual design stage (pre well prognosis stage), through the well construction and completion phase. This as member of a rig team lead by a Drilling Superintendent, responsible for planning and executing the drilling of the wells with the Senior Operations Drilling Engineer assisting the Drilling Superintendent with technical expertise and know-how in planning and managing the day to day operations of the relevant rig(s). At the end of each well, the Senior Operations Drilling Engineer prepares a critical well review and a final well report and ensures lessons learned are carried over to the next well.
The job has a major impact on the management of a well as a project, with 7-8 wells delivered by each team per annum with an average cost between 15 and 20 MM USD per well which adds up to annual spend of approx. 125 MM USD per annum per rig team.
We Offer
Maersk Oil Qatar A/S offers a wide range of education and career opportunities for employees possessing necessary skills and competencies.

We offer competitive salary in a tax-free country and family status terms (schooling, etc.) and relocation to Doha if required.
Key Responsibilities
• All well designs and programmes should ensure operations can be carried out safely and with due regard for the environment. The HSE critical aspects of the operations should be carefully monitored during execution and regular rig visits should be carried out.
• Input into the well prognosis to the subsurface team, including but not limited to an optimized well trajectory, a cost estimate and a well interference scan.
• Timely preparation of drilling programmes for all wells and where needed for specific well activities and assist the Drilling Superintendent in the day to day running of the rig operations and ensure proper reporting of all activities.
• Prepare and ensure execution of a directional survey plan for each well, verify the quality of the various surveys and prepare a definitive well survey at the end of each well.
• At the end of each well, prepare a final well report and submit to QP in line with the format agreed with QP.
• Is responsible for well design input to the subsurface team, into the well prognosis from the pre-prognosis stage onwards for all wells scheduled for the rig. This also includes a detailed cost estimate, a well trajectory design and down hole interference assessments making use of support from the Survey Focal Point and the assigned DD contractor engineers. Additional/new technology or equipment needs have to be identified where appropriate.
• The Drilling Engineer prepares a survey programme for the well, coordinates calling out of the relevant services with the service Company involved, updates the survey database (Compass) with new survey results on a daily basis, reviews/verifies all surveys for compliance with QA/QC procedures and prepares the definitive survey.
Who we are looking for
• Graduated Bachelor or Master in Engineering (petroleum engineering, mechanical engineering preferred)
• At least 10 years of Industry experience, of which at least 7 as a drilling engineer.
• Proven engineering skills, with ability to focus on details and ability to analyse data when needed.
• Good organizational skills.
• Good understanding of rig operations, basic well design and equipment, fundamentals of mud and cement engineering, directional well planning, surveying and proximity assessments, basics of well control
• Independent, self-motivated and quality driven, has the ability to interact with other disciplines and to motivate people - all with a sense of urgency.
• Good team player.
• Good communication skills and good report writing skills.
• Fluent in English (written and verbal).
• Experience with well planning and risk assessment process.
• Experienced user of Landmark well planning and reporting software.
• Experience from previous positions working at drilling site (offshore or onshore).
• Safety consciousness and awareness.
>Last application date: 03 June 2014.
Maersk Oil Qatar AS is the leading oil producer offshore Qatar and a recognized pioneer in oil development and production techniques. On the basis of an Exploration and Production Sharing Agreement (EPSA) signed in 1992 with Qatar Petroleum, Maersk Oil Qatar (MOQ) is the sole operator of Al Shaheen field.
The current oil production from the Al Shaheen field is approximately 300,000 barrels per day from nine different locations and is exported via two main offshore facilities.
 Maersk Oil is an international oil and gas company with a 2016 entitlement production of 313,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day. Our production comes from Denmark, the UK, Norway, Algeria, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Kazakhstan, and the US Gulf of Mexico. Exploration or development activities are on-going in Angola, Kenya, Brazil and in the producing countries. Turning complex and challenging fields into commercial successes has been the cornerstone of Maersk Oil business since 1962. Maersk Oil focuses on pioneering technologies and harnessing talent to continue to operate safely and successfully, creating value for partners and host governments. For more information about Maersk Oil, please visit the website at